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  • An Introduction to Yangshuo
  • Yangshuo Town
  • The Countryside around Yangshuo
  • Dragon Bone Rice Terraces
  • Things to Do In and Around Yangshuo
  • Fast facts - Yangshuo
  • The Yangshuo Climate
  • An Introduction to Yangshuo
    Yangshuo is in Southern China, not too far above Hong Kong, near to the city of Guilin.
    It is the one of the top tourist destinations in China, famous for its beautiful scenery – the inspiration for much of China’s art work.

    This has meant that the local infrastructure has developed and is suitable and enjoyable for Western tourism. It is a beautiful place to stay for a while and have a holiday at th same time as learning Tai Chi.

    Yangshuo Town

    Yangshuo has always been an interesting town.

    Because of the beauty of its surrounding countryside, it found itself part of a fascinating Chinese experiment in early tourism and benefited from a relaxation of the control that existed elsewhere in China.

    The rest of China has taken almost twenty years to receive the same sense of freedom, but Yangshuo still has a different feel.

    Most visitors to China feel more comfortable in the Yangshuo area than in any other region of China.

    The town itself has been tastefully developed to provide a more beautiful ambience than the early Communist grey buildings, blending the older wooden buildings with newer ones.

    The town is famous all over China for its ‘West Street’ which has had shops and restaurants catering to Western tastes for thirty years.

    Shopping has always been a major Yangshuo occupation for the foreign visitors and there is a very wide range of craft goods available here, mostly have made in ethnic minority villages in Guangxi and Guizhou Provinces.

    Yangshuo is attracting high quality artists to itself and there are now several galleries with high quality Chinese art for viewing and purchase along with other shops displaying Chinese silver work, silk weaving many other goods.

    The restaurants in Yangshuo are certainly different to the Chinese norm, though there are also many high quality traditional Chinese restaurants as well.

    Menus are in English and Chinese. Chinese dishes have been adapted to suit Western perferences. Western dishes and deserts are available everywhere and the bars and restaurants are fitted out to provide an ambience that is unusual still in China.

    They often play Western music as well.

    There has always been a wide variety of tea, coffee and alcohol available here to cater for Western tourists as well as breakfast favourites like orange juice, banana porridge, fried eggs and bacon and maple syrup pancakes etc.

    The quality of Western food is very high here with good steaks, oven made pizzas and tasty pasta dishes and there is a famous French restaurant Le Votre in the main square run by a Frenchman.

    There are also high quality Chinese fish restaurants serving the local delicacy of river fish cooked in beer along with a host of other dishes. A real treat for special occasions.

    Finally, the town now has an amazing Chinese vegetarian restaurant which has really added to the diversity of choice available in the town. Complete with traditional style furnishings, its ideal for a unique dinner out.

    Ironically West Street has now become a genuine tourist attraction in its own right for Chinese tourists who come to savour the unique atmosphere here. It has become famous all over China.

    The Countryside around Yangshuo

    Most visitors to Yangshuo come to see the surrounding countryside. Yangshuo is situated next to the beautiful Li River (LIJiang) in the centre of the most stunning Karsk Limestone mountain area in China.

    It really has to be seen to be believed, an artist or photographers paradise.

    If you climb one of the hills the mountains go on and on into the distance, but it is easy to reach exceptional places from Yangshuo either by taxi or by bicycle which are easily rented in Yangshuo town. Cycle trips out to Moon Hill are part of the Yangshuo experience.
    Yangshuo Picture Gallery
    The Dragon Bone Rice Terraces at Longsheng
    Longsheng is a mountain area approximately 3 – 4 hours North of Yangshuo and is easily reached via tours from Yangshuo. Again this area is simply one of those amazing places on Earth. The local minority Zhaung and Yao tribes have carved the landscape here for over 800 years to make a subsistance living in this mountainous area. This is a great place to visit for a day or preferably a couply of days with time to walk among the hills and enjoy this quiet place.

    Things to do in and around Yangshuo beyound seeing the Countryside
    Yangshuo has always been the place where travellers put down roots for a while on their journey and this has made the town a very interesting place to stay and do things. Tai Chi has always been one of the activities but There are numerous activities in and around Yangshou to keep you busy.

    Bicycle Tours
    Mountain Biking is a major activity here obviou this scenery to explore. The Yangshuo countryside is a magnificent place to explore and many of the sites are just a few kilometers outside of the town’s center. There are main roads to popular tourist attractions and there are small dirt roads to traverse in order to have a more scenic view of the rivers, quaint villages, and farm lands.

    River Excursions
    There are plenty opportunities to take in the awesome stretches of unspoiled river vistas. You can take a bamboo raft ride down the Li Jiang as it snakes its way through the infinite karst hills and mountains. If you are looking for something more comfortable, there are large cruise boots that leave from Guilin or Yangdi that are three stories tall with viewing decks and that serve refreshments. The stretch of river between Yandi and Yangshou is reported to be the most will completely blown away by the beauty of the scenery on this stretch of the River. It truly is one of the special places on the planet.

    Hot Air Balloon Rides
    The hot air ballooning is now available for those who want to see the Karsk landscape ,to view the scenery and vistas from the air, Yangshuo offers daily hot air balloon rides. Usually commencing at sunrise or sunset, that views are stunning.

    Cave Explorations

    Caving is available in a tourist controlled way.

    Obviously with the limestone this area has some of the most spectacular caves in the World.

    For the moment these can only be visited through controlled cave experiences, though no doubt eventually caving will develop like the climbing.

    Visits to the ‘Water cave’ or some of the dry caves form a part of most people’s visits to Yangshuo.

    With the plethora of limestone in the area, there is no shortage of spectacular caves. Some with very large underground formations of pools, rivers, and some even have therapeutic mud baths. Most of the caves must be explored with guided tours.

    Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing though a relatively new sport in China, is a major scene in Yangshuo With all the limestone projections in the countryside, it is on natural the rock climbing would develop here. So of the unlimited number of quality faces to climb in the region. It is very popular and has become a little mecca for the sport, attracting world class climbers.Many international climbers stay here fro months.

    There are shops here to buy gear and climbing tours are offered for tourists.

    Therapeutic Massage, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are avaiable in the area at a high standard but reasonable price.

    Village Side Trips

    There are many, many villages in the vicinity of Yangshuo worth exploring. The following are a few that are noteworthy:

    Fuli Town

    A popular excursion by bicycle or by boat, it is known for its production of Chinese fans and hand painted scrolls. Some of the artisans there are fourth and fifth generation in the tradition.

    Fuli has two faces, one old and one new. The old town is most charming with its century old stone dwellings winding back from the river’s edge, where you can peak in old store fronts and watch the handicrafts being made. The new Fuli is along side the main road and has a lively open market on select weekend days, selling everything from livestock to shoes.

    Xing Ping Town
    A charming unspoiled village, whose port is along side the Li Jiang (River), and it is Xing Ping’s karst hill that are depicted on the back of the 20 RMB note. It is what Yangshou was twenty or thirty years ago.

    For the More Sedate

    For the more sedate, Yangshuo offers Chinese cooking classes, Mandarin Language instruction, and Calligraphy classes.

    Caligraphy and Chinese Painting is everywhere attracts many Chinese artists because of the c of the scenery and unique atmosphere here, an to sell their work.

    Therapeutic massage, Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Medicine are very popular and widely available, at a good quality, in Yangshou for a fraction of the cost in the West. but reasonable price.

    Shopping is a favorite pass time in Yangshou, as there are flocks of shops selling everything from minority handicraft to “name brand” western clothing. Yangshuo attracts a fair number of artisans and there are now galleries for viewing and purchasing of some high quality Chinese art along with silver, jade, and silk goods.

    Fast Facts - Yangshuo

    Banks, Foreign Exchange, and ATMs

    The Bank of China has two branches and Yangshuo and is open form 9 to 5pm everyday. It accepts most foreign cards, and is the only bank that converts traveler’s checks and exchanges foreign currency.

    Post Office

    There is a main post office and a few smaller ones that sell stamps. The main post office is very experienced at packaging and shipping to international destinations.


    Yangshuo’s main hospital is “The People’s Hospital” and is fairly large, clean, and administers a somewhat comparable standard of care with the west. Many of the doctors speak English, albeit limited.

    Internet Access

    Yangshou is “wired”. Almost every restaurant has a computer with high-speed internet access that is free to customers. Some hotels and restaurants also have wireless connections. In addition, there are plenty internet cafes that charge 4-8 RMB per hour.

    This list is only a beginning…

    The Yangshuo Climate

    The Yangshuo climate is an interesting mix of the tropical weather which comes up from the South and the cooler more temperate weather which comes down from the North.

    As such it is not easy to predict the weather pattern for a given year as each year is different depending on larger scale weather patterns.

    There are general trends which can be taken into account though:

    January – Winter: Quite cold but snow and frost is very unlikely. Temperatures will be 5 – 10 ℃probably, but sunshine is possible which makes things more comfortable.
    Tai Chi is possible in the covered practice area with plenty of warm clothes.

    February – Winter: Still quite cold and can be wet, but this is not a bad time to start a long period of study.
    Some years have a dry sunny winter and so this period can be beautiful and suprisingly warm at times.

    March – Early Spring:Temperatures rise a bit 10 – 15 ℃. It can be quite wet but this doesn’t disturb the Tai Chi training and so this is a good time to study at the school.

    April – Late Spring: Temperatures rise to 15 – 20 ℃ perhaps and there is a higher chance of ‘perfect’ weather but it can also be a wet period some years. This is a very nice time to study Tai Chi in Yangshuo.

    May – Early Summer: Temperatures are 20 – 30 ℃ increasing through the month as Yangshuo moves into Summer. This is a beautiful time for most of China.

    June – Early Summer: As May but slightly hotter. Tai Chi is best practiced out of the sun, early and late in the day.

    July / August – Summer: Temperatures are often hot 28 – 34 ℃ and humidity is high. Many days will be sunny and beautiful and this is a peak time for the Yangshuo tourism generally. As with June, Tai Chi is best practiced out of the sun, early and late in the day. There can be heavy rain for short periods during the Summer which cools the air.

    September – Late Summer: Temperatures fall slightly and this can be a very beautiful time in Yangshuo. Septmeber is a good time all over China.

    October – Early Autumn: Again this is a beautiful period in Yangshuo. It can be hot still some years or ideal with temperatures 20 -30 ℃and sunny.

    November – Autumn: As with October it is generally an amazing time to be in Yangshuo, but some years are less reliable and the 2005 and 2006 seasons were quite wet and cloudy in November.

    December: Early Winter: This is still a good time weatherwise though air temperatures drop quickly through the month. It is no unusual to have sunshine and clear blue skies right through to Xmas, in which case temperatures later in the morning onwards are very comfortable.

    So why not learn Tai Chi……
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