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    Contact the School Direct


    We recommend email as the main method of communication with the school.

    We would be grateful if you would read the FAQ below, before asking your questions and then we will do our best to assist you as quickly as we can.

    If you do wish to contact the school by telephone you can call internationally:

    0086773 8900125 or: 008613517865736

    An English speaker is only likely to be available during school hours: 7:30 am – 11:30 am & 3:30 – 6.30 pm

    How to find the School once you are in Yangshuo

    Once your have reached Yangshuo, It is relatively straightforward to find the school.

    Please telephone the school on Tel: 13517865736 or send an email and arrange to meet in a local cafe or hotel which you are familiar with.

    Otherwise you can make your way to the school itself which is behind the park on Bao quan Road.

    Note: As a tourist town Yangshuo has an active tout / commission business. It is better to make contact with the school direct.

    Map of Yangshuo
    Frequently Asked Questions…

    We would be grateful if students read through this section before asking questions by email to the school. We receive many emails and hope students can find most of their answers to queries iin this website.

    Answers to new questions will be added to the website or this FAQ as soon as we can.
    You can use your browser back button to return here but most info is on the School Page.

    How much does it cost to study at the school? Go to the School Page – Study Fees

    Where can I stay and what does it cost? Go to the School Page – Accommodation

    What does it cost to live in Yangshuo? Go to the School Page – Other Expenses

    How do I get to Yangshuo? Go to th School Page – Getting There

    Can you tell me about the weather in Yangshuo? Go to the Yangshuo – Climate Summary

    When is the ‘ best ‘ time to come? Go to the School Page – Best Time to Go

    Can you tell me about Chinese Visa Regulations? Go to th School Page – Visa Regulations

    Offsite Links

    The primary goal of this website is to encourage people to travel to China to learn Tai Chi with us or to attend our holiday courses at other locations, but we also hope that it inspires people to learn Tai Chi in general.

    The websites below are a good resource to find a Tai Chi teacher near you and we will add to the list as we become aware of good sites.

    Nb. There is no connection between The Wang Zhi Ping Tai Chi Training Centre and any of the organisations managing the websites listed below. We do not take any responsibility for their content.

    1)A great Tai Chi resource for the UK and internationally: Uk Tai Chi Finder

    2)A good American based Tai Chi resource: US Tai Chi Network

    3)A resource for alternative holidays including Tai Chi holidays: UK Travel Quest

    4)A general American Health based resource which includes Tai Chi links:

    NaturalHealth is one of the most complete guides to information about Natural Health and Alternative Medicine on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles, free Newsletters and descriptions of many of the most important Natural Health and Alternative Medicine Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

    So why not learn Tai Chi……
    The Yangshuo(West Street)Taiji Quan Health Centre,
    Bao Quan Road,
    Guangxi GuiLin,

    Email us:

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